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Mergers and Acquisitions – Integrated 330 newly acquired retail banking and commercial office sites (1.65 million square feet) into an existing Space and Occupancy Management CAFM system.

Sites were located in various locations throughout the United States and Canada. Scope consisted of conducting site surveys to collect “as-built” measurements and relevant occupancy data (Occupancy Status, Employee Names/ID, Primary use of Space, etc.), creating and/or updating CAD drawings, and loading drawings and data into a custom built CAFM application. Data extracted from the drawings was compiled into a management report and used for legal exhibits and in due diligence activities as part of the acquisition and budgeting processes.

Drawing and Data Conversion – Merged two large CAFM/IWMS drawing libraries and databases consisting of over 7,500 floors and 70,000,000 square feet of commercial office and retail banking space.

Scope included:

  • mining intelligence contained in AutoCAD drawings and developing/automating processes to convert over 40,000,000 square feet of existing Archibus drawings into a proprietary space management system deployed in Autodesk’s AutoCAD Map 3D drawing environment;
  • maintaining all data links between drawing objects and data contained within the occupancy databases;
  • providing toolkit support for the ongoing maintenance and updating of the integrated drawing/data portfolio;
  • using Autodesk’s AutoCAD MAP 3D product, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Access to automate the space and occupancy management data updating processes to provide for the ever-greening of the drawings and data in the integrated portfolio; and
  • Programming an SQL link to provide real-time updates between the Microsoft Access application and the client’s corporate real estate data library.

Implementation of Internal Rent Chargeback Systems for three Canadian Financial Institutions:

  • Working with an internationally recognized facility management partner and their financial industry clients, developed business processes to ensure the timely collection, storage, and utilization of space and occupancy management data.
  • For each end client, converted existing drawing libraries and occupancy tracking systems to work within the business processes we helped to develop. For each client, Luft Enterprises was responsible for developing customized software and bringing on-line a revised internal rent chargeback process, complete with production of monthly accounting files, occupancy drawings, and management reports for all locations.  The processes and systems were applied to allocate the total cost of occupancy to the business units using the premises for three large corporate portfolios of properties consisting of over 20,000,000 square feet of space.

Other Projects:

Working together with BRG, Ray and the Luft Enterprises’ team have been involved in implementing CAFM projects for North Carolina Central University (NCCU) for 57 floors of space and 2,000,000 square feet, the University of California Riverside Campus (UCR) with over 50 buildings and 3,500,000 square feet of space, the California Automobile Association (CAA), Texas Utilities, the DC Government, Gilead Sciences with 9 buildings totalling 200,000 square feet, Seagate Technologies, AT&T having over 100 floors in 8 buildings with 4,200,000 square feet, University of Calgary with 67 buildings 301 floors and over 6,300,000 square feet, Baylor Health Sciences, and Above-net.

Other major clients include Aon, CB Richard Ellis Management Services, TD Bank, CIBC, Trent University, McMaster University, Citizens Bank, Bank of America, and Nelson Architects.