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Luft Enterprises Inc.

Space and Occupancy Management Subject Matter Expert Consulting Services

Offering CAD, Field Verification/Update, Database and BI development and deployment services to Corporate Real Estate clients with large property portfolios since 1997

On Site Surveys

A preliminary sketch created on site during a walkthrough. Shows required measurements to process the floor plan into a complete drawing.

Processsed Drawing

The result of processing the previous sketch into a full drawing.

Space Level Allocation

Custom made graphics that display the allocation of drawings by space. Created for any drawings required and tailored to client needs.

Occupancy Snapshots

Custom made graphics to quickly view snapshots of vacant, occupied and common space.

Custom Database Solutions

Sample relational database architecture developed to manage space and HR allocations. Fully customizable to the clients needs on any database platform desired.

Since our founding in 1997, Luft Enterprises Inc. has worked with our clients to develop comprehensive space and occupancy management solutions.  Today, our services include providing:


  1. Field survey services – on site survey services where our staff gather measurements; document furniture layouts; and collect space and occupancy data.
  2. Field audit services – on site survey services where our staff verify the visual accuracy of drawings; collect “use of space” data; collect occupancy data (vacant, occupied, etc.); collect allocation data (business units, HR seating assignments); and perform time series space utilization studies.
  3. CAD drawing management services – back office support where our team transform site measurements into AutoCAD drawings, convert existing 3D and 2D design drawing libraries (Revit, AutoCAD, MicroStation) into standardized AutoCAD drawings ready for upload into leading IWMS solutions; convert drawings optimized for one CAFM/IWMS system into other formats to assist with migrations from one platform to another; and add “smart” polylines to capture and extract spatial data of interest utilizing industry leading space standards including the ANSI/BOMA Z65.1 Standard, the IFMA Standard, and the FICM Standard.
  4.  Customized database development services – back office or on site support services where our team work with clients to model business processes and build custom tools in AutoCAD and in custom databases to improve productivity and data quality and/or to automate the production of data templates for upload into IWMS, CAFM, and DCIM solutions.
  5. Integration tools to share drawing driven data with corporate data warehouses, data marts, and BI applications.
  6. Reporting dashboards to capture spatial, HR, and Finance data, and to capture trends in space usage and utilization over time.


In our early years, we focused on creating accurate “as-built” drawings for commerical office and retail spaces based on field surveys of existing buildings.  As the industry evolved, our services have expanded to include adding embedded data tables into drawing files to assist with the extraction of areas and other spatial data of interest, to the development of databases to capture the drawing data and integrate that data with other enterprise data including business unit hierarchies, HR data files, and “total cost of occupancy” financial data.  Today, we work with clients to develop best in class systems to maintain and improve data flows for large property portfolios consisting of hundreds of floors, tens of thousands of business units, hundreds of thousands of employees, and millions of square feet.


From our roots in producing “as-built” drawings, providing quality assessments of legacy drawing libraries, and providing specialty CADD services including polylining drawings at various levels of detail for occupancy management implementations, our company has grown and evolved to where we now work with our clients to integrate the spatial data with other enterprises data to create actionable databases and executive dashboards which assist our clients in making better business decisions and driving real estate value on a daily basis.


Benefits of Working with Luft Enterprises

  • Cost effective pricing, fast turnaround times, knowledgeable support and advice, and the best accuracy available in the market place
  • Data that is relevant, timely, and validated, as produced by our proven system of measurement and CADD transposition
  • Support from knowledgeable staff with experience supporting clients with portfolios across Canada and the United States
  • Property data is collected and implemented in a consistent fashion for all buildings within a property portfolio
  • Minimal interruptions to your workplace when your on-site staff work with our experienced field staff
  • Support in developing in-house space management and CAFM standards
  • Team will work with clients on an ongoing basis to provide the tools and processes necessary to ensure that drawing libraries and occupancy databases remain current


Meet Ray, President & CEO, and review his track record by clicking here.